7:30pm·March 16 2024

Nómade @ The Roads 7:30PM

7:30PM - Intimate Concert By Unique Artists



Nómade invites you to an evening where the songs will take us on a journey. Disconnect with the outside noise and distractions, and in this calm and soothing setting, reconnect with our inspiration. This event will be outdoors, weather permitting. Feel free to bring picnic blankets, pillows, etc for your comfort and convenience. Welcome to Nómade. Doors Open: 7:30PM Start Time/ Doors Close: 8:00PM Artists: - TIM LAROQUE - SIMON BENEGAS IMPORTANT INFORMATION: - Very Limited Availability. - Doors will close one hour after the event start time, and the music will begin, please plan ahead so you can get there on time. - We want to make sure our shows are enjoyable for everyone, and to respect the person next to us, therefore please refrain from smoking marihuana and consuming any illegal drugs at this event. Thank you.

110 SW 30th Rd, Miami, FL 33129



110 SW 30th Rd, Miami, FL 33129
Nómade @ The Roads 7:30PM

7:30pm· March 16 2024· 3 hours