7:30pm·July 16 2022

Nómade Concerts @ Little River 7:30pm

Intimate Concert by Unique Artists - 7:30pm



We will get together to enjoy the wonderful songs of two amazing artists at a secret spot in the Magic City. Doors Open: 7:30PM Start Time/ Doors Close: 8:00PM Artists: - KAT DAHLIA - ESSA GANTE IMPORTANT INFORMATION: - Very Limited Availability. - Doors will close a half hour after the event start time, and the music will begin, please plan ahead so you can get there on time. - We want to make sure our shows are enjoyable for everyone, and to respect the person next to us, therefore please refrain from smoking marihuana and consuming any illegal drugs at this event. Thank you.







Little River

Focal Brewing Company

7235 NE 4th Ave, Miami, FL 33138

Little River


To host a concert, just send us an email to nomadconcertsmia@gmail.com

with the subject "Nomad Host", you can include a brief description of the space

you want to propose and even include pictures so that we may get an idea of

how to make it work. We would absolutely Love for you to be our next host!

And don't worry, we'll take care of everything, and make sure to leave everything

even cleaner than how we found it, so you can sit back and enjoy.

The best way is coming to a show and speaking to us personally.

We will need to hear your music so, either way, make sure you send us links

to your songs and videos of live performances to our email miami@wearenomade.com

and we will respond as soon as we can.

No children under 12yrs are allowed due to the fact that we need to be able to maintain absolute silence while the music is being played.

In most cases no, but we do have a few exceptions now and then, feel free to ask about it via email miami@wearenomade.com

You can email us at miami@wearenomade.com or message us on instagram @nomademiami

Nómade Concerts @ Little River 7:30pm

7:30pm· July 16 2022· 3 hours